Liqui-Dirt Nano Powder All-Purpose Organic Complete Plant Food -18 Balanced Super Foods Blend of Vitamins Minerals Micro-Fungi and Bio-Organisms (50 Gallons)

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  • BENEFITS: Makes 6400 applications for house plants. (Makes 50 gallons, Each gallon makes 128 applications) Its like a full ecosystem in a bottle that is a concentrated formula for watering your plants its easy, 1. 2. 3. and your ready to go. Great for all soil and growing medias, hydroponics, semi hydro, lecca, Bavariums with reptiles, terrariums, water gardens and fish tanks, flowers and so much more. Good For Roots, Stems, Leaves, Blooms, Foliage, and over all plant health.
  • WHAT IS IT? Fully Digested Elemental, Nutrient Supplement System for all plants. All vitamins and minerals with the microbial index are essential to a plants life. Complete Micro-fungi mycorrhizae and rhizobacteria strains, in a pH Balanced formula.
  • HOW ITS MADE: Through our Zymology process we break down the 18 ingredients into thousands of separate fully digested and readily absorbable elements. This full nutrition can take over 5 years to complete before we bottle it up for you.
  • WHATS IN IT: 18 Balanced Super Nutrients For Plants Including Poultry Litter, Rabbit Manure, Bat Guano, Cricket Fras, Humic Shale, Worm Castings, Oyster Shell, Mycorrhizae, Dolomite limes, Kelp Meal, Gypsum, Alfalfa meal, Concentrated Fulvic Acid, Blood meal, Proprietary mineral blend from the best sources.
  • HOW LONG DOES IT LAST: This product does not expire, in any dilution or concentrated form. Our powder is made to react immediately in the water you add to grow happy healthy plants. Don't be fooled by other liquids that promise and under deliver, Our full concentrate puts you in command of how much to use for each plant without concern of harming your plants.
  • WHY USE IT: Use Liqui-Dirt to Increase growth and nutrition for Roots, Stems, Leaves, Blooms, Foliage,and over all plant health, all plants Indoor Houseplants to Gardens even Lawns. Yes Flowers, Trees and Shrubs too! Give your plants the nutrition they deserve. Unlike other watered down fertilizers on the market we don't charge you for water, only the good stuff your plants deserve to help them thrive.
  • HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT: 100% Pet / Fish / Reptile Safe, No odors, No Chemicals, Non-GMO. Proudly Made by hand in the USA. From Our farm to you, and simply put Liqui-Dirt WORKS! Liqui-Dirt is all you need. There is no need to mix with other fertilizers or systems. Liqui-Dirt is all you need. There is no need to mix with other fertilizers or systems.
  • BLOOM BOOSTER FERTILIZER: Bulk up your harvest and create bigger better blooms with fuel for your flowers, supercharge yeild and growth. Great to help maximize flowering. Great for bigger healthier buds and helps create amazing flavor, aroma, and potency with higher yeild and production value. Will make your plants soar. HYDROPONIC gardens will love it

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