Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plant Food - Slow Release Fertilizer Pellets for Potted Figs - Steady Nutrients to Grow Healthy Indoor and Outdoor Ficus Plants (5 oz)

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  • ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS - A balanced mix to feed your ficus that promotes strong root structure, growth and overall better health. Provides the proper nutrients to grow your small fiddleleaf or audrey ficus into a giant!
  • FOR VIBRANT GLOSSY LEAVES - Effective for all ficus varieties, indoors and outdoors, this easy to use formula promotes leaves that gloss and shine. Delivers the essential nutrients your plants crave that's lacking from standard organic soil mixes in pots and planters.
  • GENTLE, STEADY FEEDING - A great alternative to liquid fertilizers that can cause overwatering, our fertilizer pellets added to your plant pot gradually feed with every watering, protecting your delicate houseplant from fertilizer burns and too much water.
  • LONG LASTING FOR REAL RESULTS - One application added to your planter feeds your ficus trees for up to 6 months! Care for your live houseplants is simple and easy, with no spray or liquid feedings to accidentally forget.
  • NATURAL BEAUTY - A live plant is always a great addition to the decor in your house, bringing you cleaner air and a natural vibe. This fertilizer works well for all types of ficus trees in various potting soils: Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf), Ficus Audrey, Ficus Religiosa (Sacred Fig), Ficus Elastica, (Rubber Tree or Rubber Plant) Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig), Alli (Narrow Leaf) and more!

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