Abonnylv Grow Light for Indoor Plants Led Growing Lamps Red/Warm White Full Spectrum with Base Height Adjustable 12-60 Inch Idea for Plant Shelf,Plant Pots,Desk Large Plant Light

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  • The Tabletop Grow Light bring the strength of the sun's light indoors by generating full-spectrum LED light to help your houseplants grow and stay healthy, even in the darkest areas of your home, all year round. Not to mention, its functional, modern design integrates seamlessly into any space as a reliable source of light for your plant, a comforting, ambient light for you, and a stylish element of decor.
  • Height Adjustable Up to 60" With a Base - The growing lamps elevates any surface it's placed on or you can insert it into the soil .it's height range is 12"-60", The pole does telescope up and down as well which is handy it can grow the plant to stay at a reasonable height,also it will cover a pretty larger space to shine light on more plants in close proximity when it is fully extended.
  • The plant light is smart, too - Just connect it to our app to unlock custom features. Turn your grow lamp on and off remotely, or set a customized light schedule with its automatic timer. Take the light from bright to dim with its dimming capabilities, or change up the vibe with one of 3 light modes: Mix full-spectrum, white warm, and red .
  • 90 Inch Usb Power Long Cord - Now you can easily use this grow light for your favourite hanging plants or larger plants,no worry about additional extendable cord. it can be powered by adapter, power bank, USB socket or a laptop with USB port. or other various installation methods you can think of .
  • The Plant Lamp is designed for seamless integration within the home. Keep it in the kitchen for quick access to fresh herbs, in the living room for some easy ambience, or by the bed for a (green) reading nook that brings life and light to the darkest corners. The purposeful design brings the healing power of plants into every room.

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