Design and Build a Room to Grow: Money Can Grow On Trees

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No other source provides as much detailed fully illustrated step by step information to assist modest growers (grow tents/ bedrooms) moderate growers (garages/ shipping containers/ greenhouses) and ambitious growers (warehouses) to plan, build and operate a successful grow room.

There are hundreds of books available for growing the plants but.... there are no in depth guides available to help with the first step.... building the grow room!!

Trial and error is a method of learning but why not get the benefit of experience?

Beginning growers can save thousands of dollars in costly mistakes with the information in this unique book. Experienced growers can save even more with just a few of the innovative operating techniques detailed within.

Invest in your knowledge to ensure that you succeed the first time!

The author has painstakingly detailed decades of lessons learned do date as a;

  • Licensed Electrical Contractor (1992)
  • Licensed Building Contractor (1994)
  • Licensed Building Automation Contractor (1996)
  • Founder Of Room To Grow Hydroponic Supplies (2010)
  • Author Of Design And Build A Room To Grow 1st Edition (2018)
  • Contributing Author For Cannabis Growers Handbook (2021)
  • Founder Of Cannabis Cultivation Academy (2021)
  • Author Of Upcoming Book Which Way To Grow? (2022)

After selling several thousand copies of the original book this second edition has been updated with 40% more content to detail;

  • Changes In Lighting Technology
  • New Growing Methods
  • Alternative Cooling Methods
  • Environmental Air Quality
  • Commercial Size Indoor Operations
  • Greenhouse Updates
  • Chapter Quizzes To Maximize Learning
  • Lessons Learned

This book is primarily designed to assist modest and moderate growers to create a successful project. To assist with planning for large scale growers I have added worksheets to help with planning and estimating equipment costs, operating costs, yields, revenues and profits for any size garden up to 10,000 square feet and more.

Whether you are planning a project or already operating a grow room this book will arm you with all of the necessary details for space selection, equipment selection, equipment costs, room construction, equipment locations, electrical requirements, operating guidelines, utility costs, supply costs and revenue estimates.

Whether you are considering a grow closet, a grow tent, a bedroom grow, a garage grow, a warehouse grow, a shipping container grow or a greenhouse grow this book provides project photographs - cost summaries - worksheets - diagrams and narratives to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Armed with this book you can duplicate any project within or create a similar project by simply taking this book to your grow shop, to your DIY store and to your builder. If you are seeking investors for your project this book will ensure that you are well prepared with all of the necessary information to plan, execute, forecast and operate a profitable enterprise.

All of the content in this book is unbiased and un-sponsored. Recommendations are based on years of successful results with numerous projects; I am not compensated for any of the items that I recommend.

This book will give you the all the knowledge you need to start your growing journey quickly and with confidence!

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