Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin -Potassium Silicate Supplement Plant Enhancer

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Advanced Nutrients

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--> Brand New! Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin About the product ADVANCED NUTRIENTS RHINO SKIN You Get Maximum Amounts Of Trichomes And Essential Oil Production Your Plants' Stalks Are Stronger So They Support Larger Flowers Plants Take Silicon Into Their Walls Making Tougher Cell Walls SAFEGUARD YOUR HYDROPONICS INVESTMENT BY PUTTING A COAT OF ARMOR ON YOUR PLANTS RIGHT NOW! That element is silica, which is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust (oxygen is the most prevalent), but guess what? Silica is missing from hydroponics root zones and fertilizers. This is a cause of concern because your plants desperately need silica. They evolved to intake it so it becomes part of their cell walls. That's important because cells are the building blocks of your plants and cell walls are the structural features that determine the strength of your plants' stems, leaves, flowers, floral structures and metabolism. Not only do your plants accumulate silicon to build their cells, they also store it as foundational support between cells. In fact, your plants contain as much as 10% of their weight as silica. There's a catch, however-silica isn't supplied at all in most hydroponics fertilizers or root zone media, and even if it is, it usually isn't the right type or amount of silica to maximize silica's benefits. FINDING THE RIGHT SILICA FORMULA FOR YOUR PLANTS If you've tried other silica products, you discover that most hydroponics manufacturers have found it difficult if not impossible to effectively deliver silica to your crops. You can see why that is. Silica is the main element in sand. It is very thick and solid. It doesn't easily dissolve in water. It isn't easily taken into plants. The scientists who created Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin knew all this before they started the product design and testing process. That's why they experimented with many different types of silica, as well as different concentrations and manufacturing methods. They found that the form of potassium silicate used in Rhino Skin produced the highest crop silicate percentages What's in the Package Additional Images - Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin - Choose size above FIVE-STAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED --> Our company has a reputation for delivering excellent service, ensuring buyers' privacy, and delivering quality products at reasonable, competitive prices. We strive to earn a 5-star rating from every transaction. If you are satisfied with the product and service you receive, please take a moment to leave us positive seller feedback. In turn, we will also provide 5-star buyer feedback when your order leaves our facility. If by chance there was something unsatisfactory about your experience, please contact us, and we'll do what's necessary to remedy the problem and ensure 100% satisfaction! TERMS, CONDITIONS, WARRANTIES & POLICIES ABOUT THE HYDRO STORE

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