6lb Jacks 321 Hydroponic Kit - Jacks Part A + YaraLiva Calcinit + USP Epsom Salt

Price: $30.95

Product Details

Item Weight :

6 lb

Material Basis :


Country/Region of Manufacture :

United States

Compatible Plant Type :

All Purpose

Packaging :


Custom Bundle :


Bundle Description :

3 lb Jack's Nutrient Part A FeED 5-12-26; 2 lb YaraLiva Calcinit 15.5-0-0; 1 lb USP Epsom Salt

Organic :


Form :


Brand :

CEA Supply

Type :

Nutrient Package

What the Seller Says

Same as Jack's 321 Fertilizer Kit but better! YaraLiva CALCINIT has slightly more (1%) Calcium than Jack's Part B! 3 lb Jacks 5-12-26 (Part A)2 lb YaraLiva Greenhouse Grade Microprilled Calcinit (Part B)1 lb USP Grade Epsom Salt Makes 360 gallons at full strength or 450 gallons at 3g/2g/1g (80% strength). MIXING DIRECTIONS Single Solution Tank, Reservoir, or Mixing ContainerMix Jack's 5-12-26 into solution. Once fully dissolved, mix in the Epsom salt. Once the Epsom salt dissolves, mix in Part B. Two Mixing Containers and Solution Tank, Reservoir, or Mixing ContainerMix each part separately before combining together as a true solution. Full Strength Dosage (100%):3.78 g/gal Part A2.57 g/gal Part B0.99 g/gal Epsom Salt Maintenance Dosage (80%):3.02g Part A2.02g Part B0.79g Epsom Solution Strength Product Name 25% PPM N 50% PPM N 80% PPM N 100% PPM N Jack's 5-12-26 0.75 g 10 ppm 1.89 g 25 ppm 3.02 g 40 ppm 3.78 g 50 ppm YaraLiva CALNIT 0.63 g 25 ppm 1.25 g 50 ppm 2.02 g 80 ppm 2.57 g 100 ppm PPM Mg PPM Mg PPM Mg PPM Mg Epsom Salt 0.25 g 5.75 ppm 0.49 g 11.5 ppm 0.8 g 18.4 ppm 0.99 g 23 ppm Gallons Per Kit at Solution Strength Total Gallons 1440 gal 720 gal 450 gal 360 gal This item was repackaged into a heat-sealed, re-sealable, waterproof bag by us for your convenience. Shipped via USPS Priority.

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